Roadawgz - Best available aftermarket windscreen for the Harley Davidson Quarter Fairing

Product Information

The ROADAWGZ™ windscreen is an excellent product to enhance your Harley Davidson Quarter Fairing. It is made with polycarbonate, a lightweight, high-rigidity Harley Davidson Motorcyle with Windscreen on the Quarter Fairingmaterial that is much more impact-resistant than acrylic and has a permanent UV-protection layer for long-term durability. The ROADAWGZ™ unique one-piece design provides increased wind protection, standing 6" taller than the factory windscreen. Not only is the ROADAWGZ windscreen functional, it is easily installed in minutes and has a sleek custom look.

Cleaning Instructions:

To care for your ROADAWGZ™ windscreen, we recommend products specifically made for cleaning polycarbonate material. DO NOT use cleaners containing ammonia, as they will harm your windscreen. A mild solution of dish soap and warm water used with a soft cloth will easily clean without harming your new ROADAWGZ™ windscreen.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Remove existing windscreen.
  2. Dry Fit your new ROADAWGZ™ windscreen.
  3. If needed, take the rubber pads that are supplied with your new mounting kit and place them accordingly on your quarter fairing to prevent rubbing on the outer portion of windscreen.
  4. Install your new ROADAWGZ™ windscreen by using your existing screws, washers and nuts or use the new hardware supplied.


Harley Davidson Motorcyle with Windscreen on the Quarter FairingROADAWGZ will honor a one-year warranty on workmanship and material defects with proof of purchase. This warranty does not cover parts that are improperly installed or fail due to abuse, misuse, neglect, alterations, accidents or if used in applications for which they were not intended.

Thanks for being one of our Roadawgz!


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